"No Steeple, Just People"

Who We Are

We are members of the Body of Christ in Liberty, Missouri, USA.  If you live in Liberty and you love Jesus, you are part of the Church of Liberty, too. There's no need to "join" or get registered or anything, God knows who and where you are.  Whether or not you are a part of one of the institutional congregations in town makes no difference.

See, we're not trying to "BUILD" a City Church. There already IS one here - and in every other town where at least one believer lives. The only thing we can find in the Bible is, the Church of Jerusalem, the Church of Laodecia, the Church of Ephesus, the Church of Smyrna, etc. Nowhere in the Bible is there is a "Second Apostolic Church of the Holy Saturday Not Sunday."  We're supposed to be One Body PER town. We're just hoping that Liberty will start acting like ONE Body for a change.

Ultimately, we're just folks that love Jesus with all our heart and are trying to hear His voice better and be obedient to what we hear.

Who We're NOT

We are not a cult. You might think we are and I suppose we can't stop you, but we don't fit any of the criteria for what makes up a cult. Do we have specific beliefs that might differ with what your denomination teaches? Sure. The Body of Christ in Liberty consists of thousands of people that believe all kinds of stuff - some right, some wrong.  So does your denomination.  (In fact, if your denomination teaches that it's okay to seperate off from other parts of the Body and divide over secondary issues and take the names of men and add to the Bible their own traditions and dogma, I'm pretty sure THEY are a cult. So why throw stones?)

We are not built around one person. While there might be people out front or people sent by God specifically to Liberty to help, this is not about any one person. The Body of Christ in Liberty will assert itself more and more as people get the idea and want to participate together in something, but how it will look in the end, nobody knows.

We're not about creating a new denomination. We believe that the City Church is Biblically the largest AND smallest allowable division of the Body. That is, no city has control or authority over any other and each is responsible to raise up and support it's own eldership, programs, outreaches, etc. Each needs to be under God's Headship and no other. This is God's "safety valve" to keep giant denominational structures and heirarchies from being created. If you're area of influence is only as big as the town you're in, how big could it get?

You can read more here - City Church Justification.



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