"No Steeple, Just People"

I don't want to help!!
How can I make you stop this nonsense?!

We stand in absolute faith on the Word of God (that's the Bible, by the way). Nothing is better than it and nothing is as good as it.  We frequently and repeatedly ask those who disagree with us to correct us.  We are to be instant in season and out of season with a rebuke or a reproof. So rebuke and reprove us.

But don't come knocking with some Man-made theory or denominational doctrine or tradition. If the best argument you have is that "the Gifts of the Spirit are not for today" then you better be specific about which ones and why and where it says IN THE BIBLE that just those specific ones were going to end. Either they ALL ended or they didn't.

The other common one we hear is that the City Church idea has been tried before and failed so it's flawed. This is just bad logic on a number of layers. Just because someone else tried something and failed is no reason to stop trying. Show us another Biblical example of how "church" is supposed to be structured. We can't find any place in the Bible where it was OTHER THAN one Body per town.

If we are in error, we NEED to be corrected, because we're just NOT going to stop or slow down as long as we think God is directing this. So you need to come in love and Biblically correct us if you think we're wrong on any point. That's your Christian responsibility.  Ignoring us and hoping we'll go away is unloving, hypocritical and disobedient to the specific commands of Jesus.

If you don't know Jesus personally and you want us to stop, you need to ask what your motivation for that might be. How could this possibly be a bother to you? We're mostly trying to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of the homeless and demand that people that SAY they love Jesus start ACTING like Jesus. Seems like that would be good for everybody.  The only people that really ought to be irritated by that are the Biblical enemies of God. (But if you don't believe in God, you probably don't believe the other side exists either.)

The other possibility is that you DO believe in God, but you are specifically and intentionally allied with the other side in this war. Please know that you're being lied to. The serpent doesn't care a lick about you. You're being used. He's a liar and thief and killer. If he's already won and he's all powerful, then why is he sending you to mess with us? Why bother? Know that Jesus loves you desperately and hasn't given up on you. We love you to. If things are messing with your head, we can help. There are lots of folks here that know EXACTLY what you're going through. It's not too late to get out. But ... if you're still determined to try and slow us down, go ahead and try. Our God is bigger than your god.

We believe this is a sovereign move of God and it is unstoppable. We have committed our lives to this no matter what comes. "Wisdom is known by her children," so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if this thing has smart babies. (Luke 7:35, Psalms 141:5-6)

Think we're nuts? Good. Jesus said that would happen.


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