"No Steeple, Just People"


Site Plan

  • Welcome

  • The Problem - main emphasis on what God wants scripturally, that will make obvious the distance between here and there.

  • The Contrast - point to examples of where it is/was done right, show what we're missing out on by being out of step.

  • The Solution -

    • Divisions in the church - GET MORE JESUS

    • No victory over sin - GET MORE JESUS
    • No peace - GET MORE JESUS
    • No community - GET MORE JESUS
    • Poverty, Loneliness, Needs - BE LIKE JESUS
    • Illness, pain, suffering - GET MORE JESUS

  • Articles, Resources for finding more Jesus

  • Need Prayer - Just Ask

  • Reports

  • Local contact points and projects

  • Discussion board and forum


Official Goals
* To please Jesus
* To connect all of those that are a part of the Church of Liberty, Missouri
* To motivate Christians to take personal responsibility for their walk with God
* To empower Christians to walk in holiness and victory
* To show the "World" what the true, pure love of Jesus looks like
* To mobilize resources and serve as a distribution point to meet needs as God directs

Unofficial Goals
* To bring missionaries into the Church of Liberty until it can stand on it's own - some in person and some through the internet.
* To sound Gideon's trumpet and see who gathers.


Are you a member of the Church of Liberty? 
* Do you live or work in Liberty, Missouri?
* Do you believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, was the Son of God and rose from the grave?
* Have you committed to Jesus that He will be Lord (Master, Commander, Chief) of your life?
* Do you want to walk in constant relationship with Him, no matter what the cost?
* Do you want to spend time with others like you and participate in each others' growth?
* Are you willing to obey Jesus and stop conforming to the world?
* Are you willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, even if people think you're weird?



The first PRE-DENOMINATIONAL Church in America! - www.TheChurchOfLiberty.com
help@thechurchofliberty.com - Phone 816-255-5766