"No Steeple, Just People"

Need Stuff? Just Ask.

Starting back in June of 2005, we began collecting "garage sale" type items and left-overs from people and redirecting them back out to meet needs - especially of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ. A local furniture store, BuiltToLastHome.com, donated some space to store these things. Donations poured in!! There were food, clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, even sometimes commercial equipment and farm animals! More arrived every day and we tried to get it to those in need at no cost as fast as we could.  Our only goal was (and is) to fulfill the Biblical commands to care for the poor is as big and efficient a way as possible.  The beginning of "Liberty Disaster Relief" was gathering things to send to Katrina victims, but mainly it was to address local needs.

Basically, anybody could come into the store and pick whatever they like. If you want to donate something, it will all go to the poor as the Lord directs. If you just need it, then take it. If you have a friend or neighbor that needs something, take it and tell them Jesus sent it.  If you need something we don't have, let us know and we'll look for it.

The result has been that LOTS of folks that WILL NOT go to church anymore because they have been treated so badly (or never did), got to see the hands of Jesus in action and see someone finally caring for them unconditionally. What could be wrong with that?

In June of 2006 the furniture store closed, so that option was no longer available.  We prayed and a lot of stuff happened and the Lord made a way, so in July of 2007 "Liberty Disaster Relief" moved into a townhouse near the downtown square and we again had space for food and clothes and toys and other things to be redistributed to those in need.  Liberty Disaster Relief is the outreach arm of this little corner of The Church of Liberty.  There are other great ministries all over town, but this is the way that the Lord has called us to be His hands and feet.  There are now three townhouses and we are receiving all kinds of goods that can be redirected to local needs - or even Africa and other places. 

Donations to help with any aspect of this ministry should be made to "Liberty Disaster Relief".  
You can mail donations to Liberty Disaster Relief, 118 N. Conistor, #B251, Liberty, MO 64068.
You can contact us at the Thrift Store at 816-929-4466 to arrange a drop-off or pick-up of donated items - or if you need help or have questions.
You can donate by PayPal to help@libertydisasterrelief.com

We have also been HORRIFIED at the number of Christians who are members of congregations in this town that are having to be fed by this ministry because their own congregation won't feed them! You wouldn't believe some of the stories we're hearing!

We need help. We need stuff. We need food. We need space. Pray and see if God says you're to participate with us in this somehow. Thanks!


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