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Cool Products! 
Annointed Art and Music. Fierce writings! Radical T-shirts!

You know, it's the wierdest thing. People keep coming and telling us that God gave them a poem or a book or a song or art and WE are supposed to publish and distribute it and use all the money for the kingdom! So we're having to learn on the fly as more and more of this stuff pours in.

You might think that we're merchandising the church by selling things. We've prayed a lot about it and here's what we came to. Which is more honest? To stick our hand out and ask for charity and make you bet on that we'll use the money wisely - or to sell you something with high value at a reasonable price and use the profits for the kingdom? You see, in America Christians give 2% to church and charity and spend 50% on discretionary products (stuff they don't truly HAVE to have to survive).  So it seems to me we should stop fighting over the 2% and start selling stuff!  Nobody is sticking their hand out begging. God meets our every need without asking anybody for anything.  We just help folks hear God better and if God tells them to give something, then we check and make sure it was God (cause we don't want anything from anybody if it wasn't His idea), and if it checks out, we receive it and seek Him about what to do with it.

There are lots of things we give away, we give away the "meat".  All of our Christian growth books and writings are available free online and you only have to pay for them if you want a bound, hard copy.  But if it's entertaining or uplifting or funny or convicting or wearable or useful in some practical way, then it's a "want" and not a "need," so why not charge for it? You can be sure we're going to use all available income in the most cost-effective manner and only as the Lord directs.

Until we get the volume up enough to do larger runs, we're using Cafe Press because they can do things one-at-a-time without setup charges and they will handle all the shipping and handling. Seems like good stewardship and we don't have any overhead.

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