"No Steeple, Just People"

from Doug Perry, June 23, 2006

Oh, Abba, I grieve for the children that are dying and hungry and lost. I know the tears of Jesus pour forth for all of Your precious children who are so tortured and beaten and shackled and starved and killed. I'm so sorry, Father, for the abuse and incest and abortion and teen pregnancies in our country. I'm sorry for the children of God dying and starving and being martyred in China and Africa and India and everywhere else. I know it's the Church's fault. I know we were supposed to bring the Light to a dark world and it's just getting darker. We were supposed to feed the hungry and defend the weak. I'm so sorry. Please help us turn this around.

Please, Father, please help me understand why the Christians aren't all crying.

Lord, my heart breaks for the division and faction and dissension in Your Body - the foolish controversies and arguments and quarrels about the law that are unprofitable and useless. I'm so sorry that we've divided up into 37,000+ little denominational pieces and taken the names of men and we keep spitting on each other and You. Jesus, You said the Church was the Body of Christ and I'm just sure we've been hacking You into little pieces and beating You with a cat-of-nine-tails for two thousand years now. I'm so sorry that we add more and more to Your pain everyday. You allowed Your physical body to be broken so that it could be raised and glorified.  Please forgive us for being just like the Romans and Pharisees that tortured Your physical body. Please say that it's time for the Body of Christ to be resurrected and glorified. Please?! Oh, Father, please say it's time. I'm so sorry that we continue to draw Your Blood every day. Please raise us up now as one glorified, spotless Body under Your headship.

Please, Father, please help me understand why the people that say they love Jesus aren't all crying.

Lord, we gather every Sunday and sing praise songs and lift our hands to glorify You while we ignore the bleeding, sucking, chest wounds sitting around us. We say we're saved, but we continue to be chained to sin even though you gave us a way out. We are indistinguishable from the rest of society and we were supposed to be a peculiar people. We are shackled by our materialism, our lust, our greed, our selfishness, our pride, our addictions and no one seems to know how to break these strongholds. We say it's all about You, Jesus, when by all appearances we've really made it all about us. I'm so sorry. Please break us - whatever the cost, whatever the pain, I trust You. Please put us on our knees.

Please, Father, please help me understand why the people that say they desire the fullness of Christ for all people aren't crying all the time.

Jesus, You said if one part of the Body was in pain then they would all be in pain, but we seem to be so disconnected and numb and asleep that no one even cares about anyone outside of their own building. We don't talk, we don't share, we don't even know each other. We don't sing together, we don't cry together, we don't even seem to be praying the same direction. I know Your last prayer before the cross was that we would be One Body as You and Father are One. I'm sorry that we're about as far from One Body as we can get. I'm so sorry. I don't know how to fix it. Could you please do it now? We give up. All we've done is make a mess by going our own way.

Please, Father, I don't understand. Why won't they cry? Have they forgotten how? Are they too proud? Are they too asleep? Are they so sure of themselves that they don't see there is a problem? Do they really think we're winning this war between good and evil? Has the enemy really gained this much control that Your people can't cry anymore no matter what they see?

Please, Father, do whatever you have to do, even if it hurts, even if millions or billions of people have to die. Do whatever it takes and put them on their knees. Make them cry. Make them say they're sorry for this mess. Whatever it takes. I trust You. You know what it's going to take. I'm sorry we're so stubborn. I'm sorry we forgot how big You are and how fearsome is Your wrath. I know You love Jesus with all Your heart and You can't possibly be happy about how we've been torturing His Body all this time and the pain He endures daily. I know You will be merciful - and just.

Do whatever it takes. Just make us all cry.



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