"No Steeple, Just People"

What Kind of War Is THIS!?!
Doug Perry, www.TheChurchOfLiberty.com

Lots of scripture references make it clear that we're in a battle between good and evil.  There are all kinds of fronts in that battle - from singular and personal to the massive corporate battles described in the book of Revelation.  For purposes of this discussion, let's focus on the regionally corporate - that is, how is the Church of America doing in this war?

  • Can we point to any areas where we are consistently and successfully pushing back the darkness?

  • Are we storing up treasure in heaven through our obedience and effectiveness or heaping judgement on our heads for our rebellion and disobedience?

  • Are we lined up for war in battle formations as described by God - or some of our own making? 

  • Are we marching as one or are we divided and confused? How many divisions do we have?  

  • Are any of them shooting at each other?  How many warriors do we lose to friendly fire?  How much ammunition and other resources do we waste that way?

  • From whom are we taking orders? Do we have spies and infiltrators behind our lines? Or worse, double agents in positions of leadership? Are our people subject to distraction and confusion from propaganda and psychological operations (psy-ops) of the enemy? How many people think they are on our side of this war, but they're really not?

  • Of all the warriors we have, how many are really battle ready? How many know the difference between friend and enemy and are fully armored up? Do we have systems to identify and equip them?

  • What weapons do we have at our disposal? Who knows best how to use them? Who can best train others?

  • Of all the assets that we could throw at the enemy, how many are we spending on ourselves? Do the desk jockeys and supply clerks have plenty of food and ammunition, but the guys on the front lines are starving and helpless? Are the generals living in the lap of luxury while the privates go barefoot?

  • Do we have a central communication network that is accessible to all divisions? Is it credible enough to come against the psy-ops of the enemy? Is it capable of surviving past the first big battle? Are there redundant backup systems? What central command and control structures do we have? Are they appropriate or divided?

  • How are we staged to take on serious physical opposition? If serious persecution started, how easy would it be to take us out of commission completely? If we were arranged differently, would our survival chances increase?

  • How well are we coordinating and supporting the Bodies in other countries? Is there an equitable distribution of resources as related to active battle fronts and enemy strongholds?

  • Who are our Special Forces that can penetrate deep into enemy territory and do maximum damage? How many are there? Where are there? What is their specialization?



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