"No Steeple, Just People"

What is needed now? How can I help?

OK, this is a little unusual, but please play along. The fact is, we don't know exactly what we need or how you can help. We know that there are certain specific things we need and we're happy to list those, but basically we don't want anybody or anything that God didn't send.

So let's try this:

Get in your quiet place, make sure your cup is full and ask the Lord these four things:

    1. Lord, are you really doing something big in Liberty? Do you want a City Church?
    2. Lord, can I trust these guys?
    3. Lord, am I supposed to help with this?
    4. How?

If you can't hear God very well, we can help with that too. (Click HERE.) In fact, you probably ought to get that fixed before you do anything else. If He's supposed to direct your paths and you can't hear Him, you might be headed for trouble. Maybe that's how the "church" got into this mess in the first place!

We don't want anybody that got "talked into" helping - or worse "guilted" into helping. We don't have fund-raising campaigns. Shoot, we don't even have a budget or a plan or anything resembling an organization. And may never!

But people are showing up to help - even from other countries - and people are being told by God to quit their jobs and volunteer. People are donating household items and food and appliances and big screen TV's and commercial equipment and on and on - and we're converting into money to feed the hungry or giving it away to meet needs.

We have dozens of projects at varying levels of completion. Mostly we don't have NEARLY enough help. Below is a listing of some of the projects that God has had us begin or envision that need help.

Resource Exchange - For lack of a proper name, it's just a place where Christians can donate stuff that can be distributed back out to meet needs. Could be practically anything. Now we have a food pantry and clothing closet in a furniture store. Maybe we could keep all the strollers and car seats in YOUR garage and you could get them to people that have a need?  Maybe you have a barn available. Maybe you can pluck chickens - cause we got folks that will raise them if somebody can dress them. We need space, we need volunteers, we need trucks, we need trailers. Got a walk-in freezer? There's no telling how big this will get. (If you're reading this and you happen to own Hallmark, we'd really appreciate it if you would give us the Distribution Center cause there's a LOT OF STUFF in the garages of all the Christians in Liberty!!)  We also need to know who the people with needs are so we can go meet them.  We need advance scouts in the field that can tell us who is in trouble and we'll get you what you need to bless them and show them Jesus.

www.LibertyChristianBusinesses.com - Just a way for the Body of Christ to support each other in a practical way.  May seem capitalistic, but God didn't say to sell our businesses, just to dedicate them to Him. We need web design help and maintenance on this site. We'll eventually ask all the businesses that get free advertising on this site to help promote it to their customers so that all can benefit.

www.EcclesiaWeb.com - This is a MASSIVE project that will connect every city church everywhere to itself and to every other. This is a business venture that requires capital investment. This is not a charity. It has INCREDIBLE income potential that will provide resources to funnel back into the Kingdom and will create LOTS of jobs. We need programmers, administrators, and investors.

Left-Handed Warriors - This book is the Christian response to Harry Potter. Teenagers fully living out a Book of Acts kind of life. We need investors to put up money for the initial printing and distribution of this book. This is a for-profit venture that will generate lots of revenue and pay back the initial investment. This is not charity. We need web designers and promoters. We need people to sell the book personally and/or as a fund-raiser for their groups. We need moderators and administrators that can manage the discussion board and chatrooms on the website so that kids that read the book can have somewhere to go to ask questions and talk to people who can explain how to get more Holy Spirit in you. You can order advance copies of this book now at www.Left-HandedWarriors.com .

Extreme Town Makeover - Mosby - If a tornado hit a neighborhood in Liberty, we'd all help rebuild it, right? Well, right inside the Liberty school district we have a mission field filled with needs. A tornado didn't hit Mosby, it took 30 years to get this way, but how long are we going to ignore that there are needs right here as bad as a lot of the pictures coming back from the areas hit by Hurricane Katrina?!  We're going to start meeting real needs and seeing what we can do to show Jesus to a town. We need volunteers of all kinds. We need supplies. We need people that know how to serve. You don't need to take a mission trip to Mississippi, we have a mess right here to clean up. (No offense to those from Mosby. We just want to help.)

There are TONS of other things going on all at once around here and we need LOTS of help. God is on the move in Liberty! These aren't "programs" - most of them are For-Profit ventures aimed at generating revenue to fund other projects and meet needs. Nobody is in this so they can get a yacht. God is creating businesses all over that need funding. Surely somebody in Liberty has some venture capital that could be invested into God's Kingdom and support Christian businesses! Maybe that's you. What kind of return are you currently getting on your CD at the bank?



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