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Livingwalk.com - June 15, 2005

Our Lord is Coming!

The Holy Spirit has many questions, for both myself and anyone whose eyes and heart touch these words&ldots;

What is it we worship my brethren? What do we hold so closely and so dearly that we could never contemplate letting it go? 

Is it correct doctrine? Or the letter of Scripture? Perhaps it is our church or denominational affiliation? Maybe it’s religion and all of its trappings? Or what we believe about God and Jesus Christ – what we have been taught all of our lives from people we think we trust?

Do we worship our own brand of Christianity – Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic&ldots; etc? Or our own concepts about the end of the age and the coming of our Lord? Do we worship prophecy or divine revelation?

Each must answer the question to his/her own self? Each will have a different response, yet if the Spirit is truly abiding within us, we cannot lie.

Yet I say that all of it is rubbish, my brethren, regardless what it is! Anything less than the Life and the Light of the World is complete and hell-borne idolatry, and I don’t care what it is!

Fundamentalists, whether they admit it or not,  worship the Scripture and delight in their ability to cut people down with it! To be biblically correct is everything to them, even more than likeness to the Living Word who speaks to us through the Bible and in the present!

Charismatics worship their affections, regardless of whether lasting spiritual fruit is borne! They feel, therefore they are, and often what they believe to be the Quickening Spirit is merely a fuzzy and temporary counterfeit.

Those who worship the church adore numbers and increase and money – and all worldly forms of measurement. I’m not even sure many of these folks even care if God is in it, as long as it grows and grows and grows exponentially!

Then there are those who worship rules and order and procedure; which is to say they love raw power, for this is why men tend to fancy legalism and human government in the first place! “Give us a king” is their cry! The Spirit is dead and distant to these people; they have what they need. The people are kept in line, sitting and marching in rows onward to their cardboard kingdom. Right behavior is everything, and love is merely doing what you are told without question. Caution and safety is the theme, as their God is a vengeful God!

Again, what is it we love and worship my brethren? What do we expect from our faith, from this thing called Christianity?

Where is the Spirit among the Sheep - leading us onward and upward in the fullest expression of the life and love of Jesus Christ?

I am profoundly convinced that this is the end of the age of men and our Lord is calling His own unto Himself. The ground is shaking and cracking underneath centuries-old religious machines, and the leadership doesn’t quite know what to make of it. I am guessing they are privately worried, even though they will never admit it.

Are you still holding on to your precious little religious playthings? Have you not heard that the Son of Man, the Son of God is coming? Still arguing about the timing of the rapture are you? Still wondering if the KJV of the bible is the only God-breathed kind?

I dare say you have more pressing issues confronting you my brother – namely whether you are a sheep or a goat, true wheat or an ungodly weed?

Where is your heart right at this very moment? Who do you serve with blood, sweat and tears? If it is anything less than the Bright and Morning Star – then I fear for you my brother! I fear for any of us who have not the covering of the Blood in this darkest hour. He is coming don’t you know!

Before you is Life and Death! Choose wisely, my friend!

Is He your first and only love? Do thoughts of Him fill up the chambers of your mind and life? Do you really worship Him my brethren, or just pretend? When you walk out in this lonely world, is He beside you, and within you, filling up your soul, holding you up, and tearing down the old man?

I fear for all those in this hour who forever have a proof text and have not the Shepherd of their Souls; who are quick to copy and paste verses from an online Bible, yet who have never really encountered the Living God.

Oh that He would breathe on us now my brethren! Oh that the wind would blow where it will and fill us up with the Heavenly Life and Power! Oh that this life would be so much more than a book or an argument or a method?

My brethren, it is not enough at this time to stand outside the veil, while others are venturing inside. They cannot save you, nor is there a mantle big enough to cover this whole camp of Christianity. We must boldly enter, and accept that we will be deeply and forever changed. The world will lose all its splendor and color once we return. Once we have seen the King, there is nothing left for us here. Oh that we would grasp this my friends – that we would let it all go, whatever it is that prevents us from releasing ourselves wholly to He who is our Shepherd and High Priest!

Anything less than He is IDOLATRY, and you cannot take your idols into the Kingdom of God! Renounce them at once, and stop believing that first and vicious lie that knowledge is the answer. Indeed! It is LIFE that is the answer, and from this tree who is the Christ we must partake. He is the LIFE of the World, and only in Him will we have LIGHT to fathom the deep mysteries of God and eternity!

He is your life now my brother, my sister! He is your breathing in and breathing out! He is the Captain of your Soul, the one who carries you onward and upward into the bosom of the Heavenly Father.

Grab Him around the neck right now and never let go! Hold him tightly and let go of all else, whatever it may be - even if you lose everything in this life, cast it to the wind!

Oh Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Please pray for us here at Living-Walk, that we would watch and see the Master at work, and understand what He would have us do.

Your friend in Christ Jesus,


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