"No Steeple, Just People"

By K. A. Graaf, Australia

I am on my knees; to my God I cry,
My spirit rises up, angry with those who are sent into the flock to divide.
Wolves dressed up as sheep, devouring the weak and abused,
Their ferocious faith; twisting and distorting the truth,

Before the wounded sheep even get the chance to be healed.
These religious Pharisees are right behind them ready to bite at their heels,
Outwardly they look like sheep, looking all righteous and spiritual,
But underneath they are ferocious wolves waiting to steal, destroy and kill.

Hiding behind their deceptive masks they offer the sheep their helping hand,
Smiling with counterfeit compassion, pretending to understand.
The wounded reach out to them believing that there is a high calling on their life,
Not knowing that trusting them is going cost them a terrible price.

Very subtle, they sow fear and distort the love of God and the gift of grace,
Making these wounded sheep believe they are unworthy; unaccepted and stained,
“Thus saith the Lord!” they boldly proclaim,
Prophecies and words of knowledge spill from their mouths, speaking in Gods name,

Breeding confusion and doubt; causing the weak to cower,
They stand in authority, abusing their position and power,
Believing they have a divine connection,
They lead the sheep astray and in the wrong direction.

I have been a wounded sheep that has seen and experienced this kind of ferocious faith,
Lord I come to you now, pleading for you to vindicate me and stand for my case.
Save your sheep from these wolves that devour your weak baby lambs,
Hold them close to your heart and protect them with your powerful hand,

Oh God, stop the slaughter of your precious people that have been wounded and nearly destroyed,
Give them your strength, deliver them from the oppressor and restore their joy.
Wake up your shepherds to protect and guard their flock against this deception,
Raise them up to bring about Godly rebuke and correction.

Many have left the faith and my heart aches for those who are now lost and alone,
We need to bring the wounded sheep back to the Great Shepherd who wants them so desperately to come home.
You, who have scattered the sheep! You, who lie and deceive!
May God crush your hardness and pride. May He humble you so you will not be destroyed by hells fire!

In righteous anger I cry out to God for justice and vindication,
May He lead the lost sheep back and return to them the joy of their salvation,
May He melt their hearts, hardened by false religion and ferocious faith,
May He carry them back to the flock and lead them to a safe dwelling place.

God, I cry out to you as my tears fall from my eyes,
Save your people from this coming deception, counterfeit and lies, 
You are the Great Shepherd. Rise up shepherds after your own heart!
To care for the weak and wounded; those little lambs who have been ripped apart,

Give your leaders discernment and wisdom to correctly handle the truth,
Bring all the lost and broken sheep back to you!
O Lord, let your Holy Spirit shake up your church!
Separate the sheep from the goats,
Blow away the chaff; harvest the wheat, 
Clean up your bride and raise her up on her feet!

Some have misrepresented who you are and have given you a bad name,
Some TV evangelists, who peddle the gospel for their own selfish gain,
Faith healers, selling their anointed prayer cloths and other spiritual gimmicks,
Deluding their followers with their pseudo spirituality and fancy tricks.
Their false visions of heaven, their false prophesies that Jesus would appear on their stage,
Their new revelations and insights are an absolute outrage!

I don’t care if those reading this poem think that I am way out of line,
I know what I am talking about because I’ve witnessed this all my life!
I have been that wounded sheep. I have been crushed, beaten and abused,
By ferocious wolves that did nothing but leave me humiliated, condemned and accused.
I am stronger now and you cannot hurt me anymore!
Because now I know who I am in Jesus Christ, my savour and Lord!

Hurl your accusation at me if you must,
God is my strength and shield against you, and in Him I have put my trust.
I stand in Gods grace and with the authority He has given me,
I am free from fear and wised up to the hypocrisy and deceit,
I have met with wolves dressed up as sheep many times and I see through your deceptive mask,

You can hide from man but God can see the intentions and motivation of your hearts.
You have looked at my outward appearance and mocked me because I didn’t measure up to you,
Making me feel worthless while you spoke to me with your false truths,
Religious Pharisees! You cast me out and stole my hope and joy,

You laughed as you saw me tremble in fear and were delighted when I was nearly destroyed.
Did it make you look like you were justified?
Did it make you look more spiritual and right?
God lifts the needy and afflicted; those who have been crushed to the ground,
He gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud.

This is a message to all of you that are destroying Gods flock with your ferocious faith!
Those of you who live by religious laws and distort Gods love and grace!
Hear me this day! Because God wants you to know,
Your day is coming. You will be exposed!

Judgement day is fast approaching! What will you say to God when He asks you why you scattered His sheep?
What will be your answer when He asks you why you did not love and care for those in need?
Repent now for killing and destroying His precious lambs!

Before you suffer the wrath and fury of His mighty hand!
Before you speak your false prophecies and use Gods voice again to fulfil your own selfish desires,
Think very seriously about what you are doing to the peoples lives,
You will be held accountable if you have turned Gods sheep away,

I sure wouldn’t like to be in your shoes on Judgement Day!



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