"No Steeple, Just People"

Black and White in a Grey World
By K. A. Graaf, Australia


Has the church become grey? Is she truly shining her light?
Has she been tainted with sin, giving in to compromise? 
Is she holy and righteous, pure and sanctified?
Or has she become stained by impurity, deception and lies?

Can I ask the question, where in the bible does it say,
That the church should become compromisingly grey?
Aren’t we that light on a hill or must we please the crowd,
Must we keep Gods word silent or should we speak it aloud?

But we must love everyone, yes that is true!
We are to love the sinner but not accept what they do!
Let’s allow the homosexual to hold hands in church with his partner,
Let’s allow the de facto’s to continue to live with each other,
Let’s sleep around; Lets get drunk and party all night long,
Lets dance in the darkness and then drag ourselves into church on Sunday to sing our worship songs.
Lets leave the idols in our church buildings; our man made statues,

God won’t mind if we don’t obey all of His truth!
He wasn’t serious about His commandments; He doesn’t really care,
He will cover us with His grace, after all He has a lot of it to spare!

We have to become like the world so we can attract sinners to the church,
We are getting them in; do we care if Jesus suffered to give us this new birth?
“We are doing a great job; look how many people are in the seats”! We rave,
It doesn’t matter if we had to compromise! Does it really matter that we are grey?

Jesus isn’t really coming back for a holy and spotless bride,
He isn’t that concerned with our sin and pride,
He was only joking! He didn’t really mean what He said,
He doesn’t mind that our rebellion against God led Him to His gruesome death,
It is alright if we continue in our sin and compromise,

Surely He has forgotten about what it cost to give us this gift of eternal life!
As long as we have said the prayer of salvation, Heaven is our guarantee,
We don’t have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, now do we?

If it is right, it is right; the church should stand for the truth and be strong,
We should be black and white in a grey world. If it is wrong, it is wrong!
Are we pleasing God or are we pleasing man?
The church needs to get up on her feet and start to take a stand!

What happened to her being a powerful force to be reckoned with?
We have become lukewarm; we have compromised and let the world in,
Are we standing for the gospel? Are we faithfully obeying?
Are we listening to what God’s word is really saying?

“Wake up church!” Says Jesus, “Rise up on your feet!
How can you say you love Me when you refuse to obey Me? 
Stand up for My truth and My words of light!
Return to Me! Stop this carnal compromise!
Listen to my commands; clean up my Church!
Hold on to My gospel and preach its powerful word!
Only the pure in heart will see Gods face,
Stop taking advantage of My Amazing Grace!
Grace was not given to you to cover your sin and let you continue in your old ways,
It was given to you to enable you to have the strength and power to change!
Be Holy as I am Holy. Do not fear man and what He can do to you,
You must fear the Almighty God and live by His unchanging words of truth!”

God does not compromise; He is not a man that He should lie!
What about the change? What about the difference?
What happened to repentance and forgiveness?
What happened to the reverence and the fear of the Lord?

Does it matter who we are and what we do anymore?
What a cost! What a terrible sacrifice was made for our salvation!
How many people have spat on Jesus` Heavenly invitation!

If we keep on deliberately sinning after we have come into the knowledge of the truth,
The bible says that the fearful expectation of the fire of hell awaits you!
Oh come on! God can’t be serious about Hebrews 10 verse 26!
Well, I don’t think I want to continue compromising to someday find out that He is!

God is a God of love; He abounds in forgiveness and mercy,
Yes that’s true, but He also is a jealous God who will one day display His judgement, wrath and fury!
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Maybe its time we wised up and stopped our foolish games,
Jesus wants His church to be holy, spotless and blameless. He wants her ready for when He comes again!

When He appears, how many of us will be left behind?
Will He find faith on the earth; will there be those not willing to compromise?
Some will be too busy being man pleasers to care about what God thought,
We need to do some serious changing now! Because the time is very short! 

I have been a Christian with one foot in the church while I had the other in the world. I have been a real compromiser,
But I have repented of my hypocrisy and rebellion; these days I am a little wiser.
I cannot sit on the fence anymore. I have chosen which side I am on,
I do not want to judge anyone; all have fallen short, we have all done wrong

We have all been guilty of compromise,
But now we must start to stand up for what God says is wrong and right!
God isn’t grey. He is simply black and white!
Haven’t we come out of the darkness into His wonderful light?

It is the wickedness of the world that will colour us a shade of grey,
It is the fear of man that will keep us deaf to the truth of Gods righteous ways.
I don’t want to pain Gods heart anymore by being disobedient to Him,
It cost God His only Son. He did not compromise when He died for my sin!

Could you imagine if Jesus only obeyed some of His Fathers will and didn’t suffer on that cross?
If Jesus compromised, all of mankind would have been destroyed and eternally lost!
Jesus was not grey. He spoke plainly in black and white and His commands are still the same! 
Jesus hasn’t changed His word, but why do some change it to suit this present day and age?

He said, we must endure until the end, and if God doesn’t shorten the time no one would even survive!

Unfortunately the ones that will perish in the coming destruction will be the ones who coloured their lives grey with worldly compromise!


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