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NOTE:  Some of you might notice your email quoted here without your permission. Please understand, other people need to hear these things. I'm phenomenally blessed to hear them, but others should be to.  (I didn't write the Apology out of my own power, I was just being obedient to what God put on my heart.)

I've scrubbed out email addresses or anything personal or identifying where necessary. And for every SINGLE one here, there are DOZENS that come in just like it!! Please forgive me if I've overstepped and understand my heart. We shouldn't hide the pain anymore.



Doug.............Just recieved and read your article, "An Apology to the World". I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I started an article some time ago of the same title but couldn't keep the bitterness and resentment out of it......so it still sits as an unfinished draft. I thank you soooo much for your gentleness and kindness and much needed expression of apology to a world in dire need that has become confused by religiousity and churchianity which poses falsely under the banner of Christ. Again, Thank you..........your brother, Kelly


yes! YES!

just recently have noticed all of this...big hubub at our church that made us leave(basically: group of us wanted MORE of God and the pastor and others said Nope.)...very sad (for them)...but i am happily on my journey now...

wow..how DO we unravel the hundreds of years worth of buildings and programs that replace Jesus, the Savior?

I want to be real...I want to do what the Father is doing...

I want my family to take the "Stop, look and Listen" break for Jesus and see 

where HE is going...and toss ALL aside and Follow Him.

thank you for your message!



Excellent. It's the reason I left the church 10 years ago. I attended a couple of Bible studies which were good but I could never bring myself to become fully integrated into any form of organized religion. Now, I just read on my own. I still have a lot of questions but I figure Jesus can answer them for me when he returns. Thanks.

Waiting on the Lord,



Good comments.

I appreciated everything you said. Your "apology' was to the world and it reached here in Invercargill, the very south of New Zealand.

Ain't email a wonderful thing.

Keep the faith.



Thanks Brother for saying what all of us believers should be saying.

Enjoyed the message.

My husband and I pulled out of church to be able to serve those that have been so wounded by the "church" (building, not the Body)

love and shalom, Linda


That is the best thing i have read in a year or many more. Thanks! And so true! 



Dear Brother Doug Perry,

I must say, this letter or email that you wrote is just the next level of where the Lord is calling us to be. My family has just recently been called out of the "4 walls" of churchianity in all it's not so wonderful splendor. The Lord called us OUT. We didn't realize at first what was going on...but here we are. Your letter to the world is so true and it should be posted on every corner of every nation. We must repent for how we have acted towards the world. What hope have we really given them? We too are in the transformation period, being forged by fire, by God's hand alone.

I want to thank you for your honesty and your outright repentence....I pray that the Lord would allow all of us to really SEE that we need to do HIS will.

In HIS grip...



Thankyou for your article...I feel the same way...

pretty ashamed to say i am a christian most times...

So I say I am a born again child of God saved and washed by his blood, filled with his spirit and hopefully becoming mnore and more different from the world (church is part of the world as far as i can see)




Thanks Doug for your honest Apology to the World. You said it better than anyone I've ever heard. I've taken the liberty of putting the article on my website. If you wish it removed just say so. Otherwise it will go up tomorrow.


{Heck NO!! Post it twice!}


Dear Doug,

Thank you for writing that!! I have been feeling this way for a long, long time and have often composed "letters" or "apologies" in my own mind, but I have not put them down on paper yet. My own kids, my mother (Dad's already gone), and my nieces and nephews would be among the first to hear this. I have spoken this way to some of them, but I don't think they understand yet. Anyway, thank you for posting this on ANZAC and for giving me some more inspiration to do the same thing.

God bless you and yours. 


{If you mean it, but you just don't know how to say it, sign you name to mine and give it to them! That's what it's for! Use it. Then SHOW them Jesus in you.}


I agree with you 100%. I recently read "The Heavenly Man" and understand the China situation. How can we sit by everyday and see other humans starving or without water. What is wrong with us. Recently we repented also for the money we had spent on ourselves. Lord help us on. We are with you all the way.


{I just CANNOT recommend a book more than The Heavenly Man! I know a certain crazy, radical take-no-prisoners ex-skinhead revivalist that I sent a copy to who now thinks he's a big sissy compared to the Chinese Christians and Brother Yun! Order it at www.BackToJerusalem.com}


I join you in "sorry." I forwarded your email to the elders of our church and to friends and family. I want to agree with you in prayer that God is merciful toward us all if we repent. I too have been sickened and defrauded in many instances where I have put my trust in leadership whose prime purpose was to build his/her own kingdom. But, I am reminded of when the disciples ran to Jesus to tell them that (another) Simon was preaching in the name of Jesus. Jesus' response was, in a word, "Let him alone, the main thing is that he is preacing the gospel." So, I trust that if and when the gospel comes/came forth that it reached many. We have all been a disappointment to others in the way we have lived our lives while representing the Lord; I truly repent. I pray we will have wisdom and integrity in the truest form which is in the form of Jesus. I attend a financially lean little church in the Hills of Texas and God is doing miraculous things in our midst; mostly because many are praying and desiring the sincere meat of the Word and trust everything to Him as we grow in faith and from glory to glory.

God Bless. 



THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU! So many others feel the same way and we have been "crucified" by the "church folk." I once had a Pastor who bragged on being like Paul of the New Testament, yet what he failed to realize was that he never had a "road to Damascus" experience, therefore his actions reflected more of Saul who killed Christians and honestly believed he was doing God a favor. Bless you for your stand. I too am sorry for what the Church has done to sinners... namely- kept them away from Christ who truly loves them!


QUOTE: "If you look at the world you'll be distressed, if you look within you'll be depressed, but if you look at Christ, you'll be at rest." Corrie Ten Boom


I just read your wonderful, beautiful gutsy letter to whom it may concern. That is the only way to be like Jesus! We have to live it. We are human imperfect beings, but one person at a time we can change things.

God Bless, 



Doug Perry, thank you for the honesty in this message. I agree with you totally. Jesus, (Yahshua Messiah) was not like most people sitting in the pews and attending "Church" on Sunday, he was love and loved the un-priviledged. He would not and does not approve of what the "church" has become today. Again, thank you.

Your sister in Jesus,


Doug.............Just recieved and read your article, "An Apology to the World". I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I started an article some time ago of the same title but couldn't keep the bitterness and resentment out of it......so it still sits as an unfinished draft. I thank you soooo much for your gentleness and kindness and much needed expression of apology to a world in dire need that has become confused by religiousity and churchianity which poses falsely under the banner of Christ. Again, Thank you..........your brother, Kelly


Dear Doug,

Thank you for writing this, what a blessing to hear that we are not the only ones thinking that Jesus wouldn't really reconize "the Church" that we have made. A few years ago while in a service the Lord let me feel the deep sorrow that He feels when we play church. It was something that I've not talked about much but your letter very much expresses what He let me sense that evening. Well, thanks keep on the same track and please know that if Jesus is truly Lord over us we will hear His voice and more and more of us will hear and more and more of us will come into that deep fellowship and love that He has caused us to grow into.




I totally can understand where you are coming from. I was so turned off by my church because they did not follow scripture and were more worried about their building and programs than they were about my next meal as a single mother of 2 and no place to call home. Our church had several rental properties and I needed a place to stay....after paying my tithes faithfully...I thought they would allow me to rent. I was asked this question "if you had to choose between paying your car note and rent to the church which would you pay?" My reply was I would pay the car note since that is what got me to and from work.......needless to say I was not given the opportunity to rent. This is a huge church which does not need the income from the rental properties. I quit going there and have decided to pay my tithes to people who need the help, not the church. Thanks for putting it on my level......God Bless



I found your apology interesting. Thanks for penning it. I am forwarding it onto all my 'out-of-church' friends and to those 'unchurched' friends.

I wonder what would happen if I forwarded it onto TBN.


{Hmmm. Well, I can tell you, Jenny, it's going to happen sooner or later! This is the word that needs to be spoken and I'm not going to stop till as many people as possible have heard it!}


Hey Doug just wanted to say your word is awesome been feeling the same for years I have become very close to JESUS and just obey him and do my part so continue on JESUS will always be with us

Love Kristy 


Thank you for this apology....I and my part of the Body of Christ join you in both the apology and repentance and committment to be more like JESUS.......may HE fill us all daily with the fullness of HIMSELF and may we remain Faithful and True always abiding in HIM........CHRIST in us the HOPE of GLORY....this has got to be our story........Jan


Dear Doug, 

It is with a broken heart that I confess to you and any other that will hear my words, that I am one of the wrongdoers in the world. Sadness fills my heart when I consider the ways I offend the world with my hypocracy, not the world only, but The Lord Jesus Christ especially. Some of the things that I do and say I dare not mention even. Your words have given me a strong reminder of those things that really matter most, such as Integrity, HONOR TO GOD and love for TRUTH. Mercy is my plead. The shed blood of Calvary is my need. It would be a real blessing to hear of others that can say that they too, know the truth and want to walk in it. If there really is any good in me, it can only be Jesus in me. If there be any hope for me, it is in forgiveness.



What do you think about the idea of setting up a website where others can add their names as additional signatures under the letter of apology to the world?

{Well, it's like this. The letter was intended for that. For folks that don't have the words personally, to just sign it and hand it out to folks that were hurt by what we've done. I'd love to see people passing it out at Walmart and to their families. I'd like volunteers to start peppering whole towns with it to every email address they know. It's not spam. We're not selling anything. There's no solicitation going on, per se.  - Doug}


Doug Wrote:

"If you are reading this and you are already in the church -- DON'T LEAVE! Pray hard. Listen to God's leading."

This is a perspective I am not hearing much, although it certainly would fall in line with the admonitions directed to the members of the seven Churches in The Revelation.

Much has been written about the number of denominations under the banner of Christianity, and then some feel it necessary to leave out and start yet another (fellowship, church, gathering, meeting, house church ect...) which only serves to yet increase these staggering numbers.

I ministered a message at a Mental Health Care facility last night along the lines of becoming a farmer instead of a miner. A farmer will work the soil, prepare the soil, plant the seed, water the field, expect sunshine and protection and then anticipate a great harvest. Contrast this to a miner, a miner will come in extract from the ground every last drop of resources and then move on to the next plot of ground.

It takes discipline, time, resources, dedication and most importantly walking in the Holy Spirit. A glorious Church without spot or wrinkle will not happen over night, just as the farmer knows his crop will not be harvested immediately after planting.

I look forward to future fellowship, and timely messages.

In Christ,

Kansas City


Hi Doug

I am in agreement with your letter. I have told my children not to judge Christ by Christians. There have been recently some exceptions to that rule.

Another dissatisfied follower



Brother Perry,

Amen. It's a blessing to learn of another brother who has come to terms with reality. I really feel like passing this along to my pastor dad, religious mom and other relatives and friends, and people I worked with at a denominational headquarters (I ran away from there)...but it's just like Christ said about how men come to the Father because He draws them. I don't think they are ready. I can't throw pearls before swine - have done that before to no avail. They seem to just become more determined to keep doing what they are doing. It's tough sitting by and watching the madness.

But, thanks for taking the initiative to put your revelation in words and present it to others. People in the world know who are hungry for God, those He is drawing, will recognize it if we have something they need. Nobody fools anybody in that regard...at least when we're talking genuine hunger and genuine Christians. I feel for all of the people who have been coerced/scared into saying a little prayer to receive Christ when they were not truly repentant. And I feel for those who were serious about accepting God, but then were led astray by false believers who were in it for themselves. Christ spoke about that too - very heavy.

Anyway, God bless you brother as you begin to live in the life, peace and rest that He intended.


Just want to accept your apology. I have played the same role myself in the past, studying, serving and doing all the things that I thought was expected of me. Without having the presence of God leading my way, I was doing things on my own accord. Thanks for standing up for what Jesus Christ really stands for and I pray that He uses you in a mighty way.

Your brother in Christ



AMEN!!! Include me in this apology! God Bless You!



Your letter was worth reading. My kids want no part of churchianity...and truthfully, neither do i. The fellowship or strengthening of one another's lives seems to be the closest to Christ's direction. But every time i hear of another program, i want to vomit.

Where are the people who will just open their homes and their hearts? Who want to speak of nothing but Jesus and the Kingdom...who do what He does, and say what He says....

I thank the Lord for every point of reality in the midst of pain, but it has been pain mostly of my own making, and i need my Savior.

Again, thank you,



Amen, Preach the truth! Sad but true the church is a mess. God help us. 



You are speaking the truth. Hopefully this message will go around 'the western world ' and bring changes. We all need a wake up call.

Thanks for writing your thoughts down. 
Warmest Regards,

Ontario, CAN


Dear Brother Doug,

I read your article "APOLOGY to the WORLD" and felt lead to seek your prayer/prophetic support.

This is Pastor {Name Withheld} from India. You are so true in what you have stated. Recently a big time minister was here and about 4m dollars were spent for the meeting.

But.........there was no altar call and there was no salvation message.

Because of protests from the hindu groups he chose not to give the sinners prayer etc.

None of the apostles of the early church were ever scared to preach the gospel wherever they went.

Why have a meeting with out the altar call?? after spending so many dollars??

Whereas there are people like me who have lost jobs for preaching the gospel and baptizing colleagues!!

The Hindus who own a majority of companies do not want conversions and we did precisely that, of course after office hours on Holidays.

Still we were persecuted and thrown out of jobs.

If you are interested I will send you my testimony / prayer request. I will be obliged if you could please keep us and our ministry in prayers and give us your counsel.

Awaiting your reply


{Name Withheld}


I have made you a watchman to the house of Israel: therefore hear my word at my mouth and give them warning from me (Ezek 3:17)

{He and I have begun talking more. We'll see who steps up to help. We are not technically a "ministry". We're getting LOTS like this from all over the world. Somebody is going to have to sort through and vete the requests and make connections with people or ministries or churches that can help. Maybe you, dear reader?}



Well that just totally rocked....I've been apologizing to many folks over the last couple years myself...in fact me and my hubby have been making a few waves since we decided to follow what Jesus said and did...still walkiing it out though..it's awesome...HE rules

Blessings Gayle

---------------------------------           ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Hey Gayle,

Bless you, Sister. Go visit the website! LOTS more there. Read the Battle Plan and live it. It's all there.

Hang around the discussion board, we could use you. Time is short. No more goofing off.


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whoa, I can't belive you just said that ....long story short.. The LORD has been moving mightly here in our lives the past several months...we have a heart for warfare..intercessory worship..and The Lord has revealed some stuff to us and someone brought me over a worship CD by heather clark I think and talking about THIS IS THE DAY and NO MORE Wasting time.. and I couldn't believe it because it confirmed what was going on in the spirit with me... I am getting ready to teach a workshop at a big women's conference.. about LEARNING TO DANCE THROUGH THE FIRE- why everything happens for a reason... and it's all about empowerment baby....laying it all down.. till you know HIM like your lover...okay i could go on..but he's really been speaking to me about DOMINION..and inhabitation of the land...I am using some multimedia stuff (cause God talks to me in movie themes...lol... don't ask)...a time of Davids (young shepherd boys who stand against Goliaths) simple faith...basic truth...Divine power (God's, of course) anyway that's one of the themes here NO MORE WASTING TIME...yes and amen

I will check out more stuff on your web site....and visit a chat or two next week..right now I gotta serve some spaghetti for suppa!!!

I know I talked alot..but I am excited...Things have been getting interesting at the local high school where i sub sometimes....more later

Blessings bro, -Gayle

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okay doug,

I just went to the web site....ohhhh you got my spirit ragin' now......man I am sooooo ready for war....this just blows my mind....I mean literally for the last couple of years we have been out of mainstream "churchianity" and have really taken a beating but the blessing is that it caused us to press in and hear the Fathers' voice and assess what Jesus was actually saying and doing...until we know that we know that we know the Voice of God for ourselves.

I have an i mac and august of 03 I started making a mini movie for myself with just titles that the lord gave me.....The battle is raging....War has begun....Wake the sleeper...sides must be drawn...choose your destiny...whom will you serve....

Then he started giving me all these battle analogies and watching all these films about war and gathering troops....I just took it all in..and it really wasn't till about 4 months ago all the peices started coming together.....but I saw everything you were talking about and have been just loving God's people...and saying what must be said and just out in the world being whatever he wants me to be.....

We have had some interesting moments....God is really speaking to HIS bride....i'm am just sooo blown away watching it all unfold...I'm excited...but watchful and I'm listening....I haven't encountered God like this...in years - and some things for the first time....

haha!!!! I love the smell of blood on the battle field...(the enemy's of course)

I wasn't so sure about doing this workshop cause I'm what people usually called.."The fringe believer"... I believe God at His word...I believe in His divine promise and His plan for man...I believe Jesus when he said he came to set the captives free and we have just been pressing in to know how we can play a part in what he wants us to do....it's awesome just awesome

Bless you for obeying the call...being a sound of His voice...being there. Man it's just encouraging to the rest of us wondering if anyone else out there is getting the same thing.... Amen brother amen.


{What's left to say? Give me 143,998 more like this and me and Gayle can't be stopped! Doug}


Yes...it is all about lifting up Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior to the glory of God our Father who art in Heaven...and not for worldly glory, fame and gain...which is as filthy rags in God`s eyes! Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world"..and He means what He says, and says what he means! I`ve noticed more and more that it is just the 'opposite' from what Jesus taught us to do...with too many churches here..and it is so sad. I think the bottom line is, and of the most vital importance is to "get to KNOW HIM and HIS ways better, and to follow them...to nourish and feed that personal relationship with HIM..thru continuing prayer, praise and the study of HIS WORD on a daily basis. It is sad to say, but, in all humility, I am learning more about Jesus outside a church than I ever did inside one...and that is the truth. I don`t mean to offend by that...because as you say, there are many good and sincere ministries. I will get off my soapbox now and let you get on with your work. Thanks for reading. God bless you mightly for having "eyes to see and ears to hear". The world is seething with deception today...but HE will 'pour out HIS SPIRIT on all flesh" in these last days...and give us wisdom, compassion, spiritual discernment, and eveything else we need to 'stand' for Christ`s truth, if we but 'knock, seek, and ask" HIM. You are right on.....keep up the good work for the Kingdom of God ....it is drawing nigh! Take care, my brother! I admire your honesty, and humilty...God bless you real good and keep you and your ministry in HIS hands and doing HIS will.

A sister in Christ,



Hello Doug,

I am a sister in the Lord who absolutely loves your article "Apology To The World". It couldn't be more right on! I've been serving the Lord now for 29 years and I've seen over and over and over again, what you're talking about. I just thank you that you had the courage to write about it and wake us all up. We need more people like you and like Daniel and like Nathan, who will call a spade a spade.

I know about people being persecuted for their faith. I've been places where that happens.

God bless you, brother, and keep up the good work for Jesus.

Your Sister In Christ,




Thank you very much for your words of truth. over the past months the Lord has been setting me free from legalism and always bashing the church because i wasn't doing it in love. so i've been trying to find a balance of what is truth and legalism. your words really hit the nail on the head. Of speaking truth in a manner that doesn't bring hatred but love be blessed and encouraged to write more.



Amen to that Doug! We actually left the "church" over 10 years ago! I'll have to visit your web site! May God bless you greatly, Beejie


Dear Doug - all I can say is wow!! WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!! Some people may be offended what you have written BUT ITS TIME WE WAKE UP - ITS NOT ABOUT US BUT JESUS!!!

I am just a normal person - born again in 1994. There is so much I have to still learn - I feel like a shrub that has just produced a bud!! I agree with you in all you have said - yes, even though I am not rich or well off - always worrying how I am going to make ends meet - as a single mom of 2 boys (14 and 25) it is not easy. I do try help others if I can - but after reading through your e-mail twice - well all I can is thank you for opening my eyes. People are always wanting to impress others by having bigger better cars , houses ect BUT WE CANNOT TAKE THESE THINGS WITH US!!! I have a small home with nothing fancy - no car ( sold it last Dec due to problems with the engine ) but each day I thank God for another day. I never use to fear God as I do now - He is the air I breathe - but its difficult because I find I get in the "flesh" and worry about things instead of just surrendering everything into Gods capable hands.

Please keep me in your prayers and any mail you send out.

May you be really blessed for what you have written - for the things on your heart. Hopefully others will be touched as I was.

love in Jesus



I hope this is all right to do, Doug. Let me know if it's not. I sent "An Apology to the World" to this lady, and this is her response:


Thank you so much for sending this to me. I have felt guilty about not being a member of a Church for a few years and it is because of all the pretense and hype Churches have. I was raised in the largest Methodist Church in Wytheville, sang in the children's choir, never missed a Sunday and was always in the Christmas pageants. There were so many hypocrites in this Church. Two judges that drank and gambled all week but on Sunday, they were right there in the choir loft! People dressed to impress. When I joined the Church and went through Confirmation class when I was twelve, I was given a Bible and told to do good in the world. That is all I got from that. About fifteen years ago, I started working on restoring my faith and Spirituality. Now, I do not believe in organized religion per se, and wonder if that is wrong? I read the Bible, pray many times a day and thank God for the many blessings I have received. I feel closer to Him now than ever in my life. I wanted to ask you about this a while back and this article gave me the courage to do so. Is it wrong to feel that way about Churches? Because I don't go to Church, does that mean I am not a Christian? I have worked with the poor, the hungry and the homeless. I give money if I know that it is going where it needs to go. I volunteer time for good causes and I live with love in my heart, not hate or anger. I do my part for Mother Earth by picking up litter. I appreciate the beauty each new day brings and am grateful for the chance to live another day. Am I wrong in the way I think and believe? Is there anything else I should do? Thank you for sending this to me so we could talk about it.




Doug Perry,

You said it well my brother. It needs to be shouted from the housetops! There is a radical and uncompromising passion in me that joins you in this crusade for God's Truth. It is a crusade with honor, glory, and praise to the only One who is worthy of our full loyalty and service: Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God!

Thank you for your words that stir up the Body of Christ to action, and wakes the slumbering souls of those who have yielded to "dead works"...or a "business as usual mentality". Those who have numbed out and become satisfied with the status quo, and are complacent and content with their position in the system we call "church" need to be awakened!

It is well with my soul!

Blessings to you my friend,


{Joni, you are precious in the sight of the Lord, and may your contribution to this new move of God be blessed!}


Dear Doug Perry:

Thank you for your words. I hear the sound of the shofar!

I am praying that many will rally to the sound of the trumpet as the gathering this weekend begins.

I am unable to attend in the physical. But, in the spirit, I will

participate. I will be praying and following the lead of the Lord for this time of awakening that there will be a ripple effect of an explosion in the Spirit.

Thanks for the alarm to wake up.



and this from Sandie:

Re: Apology to the world

Dear Doug Perry

Thank you SO much for expressing my frustration with the church. This is why I left the "system" almost three years ago. The words did not match the deeds, there was no love or reaching out to those that needed to be reached, there was no compassion for those who were suffering. It was just one big comfort zone; a happy "bless-me" club, very much a clique -- and I did not fit in. My heart ached to see the hands of Jesus (through us) reaching out to the community around us instead of sitting on chairs for hours and hours, or dancing around having a "good" time instead of giving some Jesus joy to those that needed to be uplifted. The church seems to have become about "self" not Jesus. It speaks of prosperity (money). Financially I have very little, but consider myself prosperous because of what I have in God. I wouldn't swop my relationship with Him for all the money in the world. He is my treasure. He is the most precious gem I have ever gained -- and HE did it all -- not me. He brought me to Himself in a most dynamic way when I was alone in my own home and since then I have followed Him for 17 years. The church taught me not to give to others but to itself and it seems so wrong. I met with more animosity and dislike in the church system than I ever did when I was " in the world". I was their worship leader, their only worship leader, yet when I contracted pneumonia and was sick at home for almost a year nobody phoned to see how I was or visited me. I was not resentful - I just could not understand why they were so angry. I did not ask to be ill. In retrospect I see that it was God's way of getting me out of there. The pastor is still angry with me. I never went back when I recovered. As there is no other English speaking church near me I have stayed at home and kept close to my Lord through His Word, His music, tapes and books. I have discovered a whole new perspective of God and it is nothing like that which is preached on a Sunday from a pulpit. I have discovered that He loves me just as I am, not as people want me to be. I have discovered that I am truly unique, that He made me that way for His glorious purpose. I believe that He is gently urging me into that purpose every day of my life until I go to be with Him forever. I have discovered that I will not go to Hell just because I slip up with a bad word now and again, because that is the "old man" in me that HE is uncovering in me so that HE can get it out of me -- and that I don't have to have people shouting in my face trying to "deliver" me. I have discovered that He is VERY gentle with the way He sets me free from stuff that binds me. AND -- I have discovered that His love is so VAST and beautiful and compassionate and understanding. That is the most precious thing - that He understands me, that He knows me inside and out and still loves me in spite of myself. I never learnt that when I was in the church. I have discovered that He lets me know when He disapproves of something, and He does it in such a loving way. AND -- I have found that He leads me where He wants me to be in a much clearer way than I experienced when the "church" had its finger in my face.

I know of quite a few people like me who are "out-of-the-system" but love God so much. They are sincere, warm and loving - totally different to what I personally experienced in the church "system". I believe that God has a special plan for us if we would only stop, and listen. I believe that He is going to direct us into His path and His way of loving and giving. I am no longer worried about what people think - I am happy to go wherever my Lord takes me and do whatever He wants me to do. I am no longer feeling condemned because I do not go to "church". Wouldn't it be great to see the walls come down and the church in the streets just as Jesus was -- touching lives, changing lives, loving others just as God loves us..... IF only we could stop being so selfish and self-centred.

God bless you for having the courage to speak out what is in my heart, and the hearts of the friends God has given to me.

With love in Jesus


Bless you and thanks. You know, this is what we are all about - helping others to make a stand against what we know is not right within the Church. United we CAN make a difference and restore the heart of worship - put Jesus back where He belongs, being glorified by His people!


And TONS more like that have poured in!



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