"No Steeple, Just People"

The Apology to the World
and some other sad stuff

We have made this entire book available for download online. You can click here to get the entire PDF file. The Lord was very clear that we weren't to sell this, but extend it out to people and let them decide after reading it what it was worth to them. We need help pushing back the darkness. We need resources to get this message out, to feed the hungry, care for the hurting, reach those in prison, etc.  Just do as you're led after you see what this book my do to change your thinking. Feel free to forward it on to anyone that you think may need to hear it. There's a lot of deep wisdom in there. Feel free to print it out and pass it around. We formatted it at 8.5" x 11" so it would be convenient for that.

I wonder how it would change things if all the Christians books, conferences and concerts charged you on the way out based on what impact they had really had on your life? The businessman in me thinks a money-back guarantee makes perfect sense. Better yet to not take any money up front at all and let the Holy Spirit move on people. We're going to put our trust entirely on Him for this project.

Click HERE to download the whole book.

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